The 11th of November is known as the St. Martin’s day. St. Martin is supposed to arrive on a white horse and bring Winter. We celebrate it by eating a traditional meal-goose with cabbage and dumplings. Every family prepares this traditional dish differently. 

We have asked some students how they prepare it.

Do you celebrate this event by eating the traditional dish?
75% Yes
25% No

Do you prepare it at home or do you go to a restaurant?
87% At home 
13% In restaurant

Do you prefer goose or duck?
60% Goose
40% Duck

Do you make flour dumplings or potato dumplings?
53% Potato
47% Flour 

Do you eat red or white cabbage?
58% Red
42% White 

Do you eat sweet or sour cabbage?
65% Sweet 
35% Sour 

Do your parents drink St. Martin’s wine?
40% Yes
60% No

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