Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day, is a memorial day mostly observed in Commonwealth member states. It commemorates soldiers who have died in the line of duty since the First World War. The story of poppies themselves started with John McCrae – a Canadian doctor and officer – writing a poem about them. He refers to poppies flowering over graves of fallen soldiers on the battlefield. After the war had ended, people started to make and sell handmade poppies to raise funds and help millions of wounded soldiers, sailors, and airmen who were coming home. 

Today, more than a century later, the poppy still lives as a symbol of remembrance to honor servicemen and women, who have been killed in conflicts since 1914.

We have asked a few teachers from our school to find out, what they know about Poppy day. 

Symbol of the Remebrance Day

Do you know, when people commemorate Remembrance Day?
Mr David Bogdanovič: On 11th November.
Mr Filip Petr: In November.
Mrs Marcela Tučková: On 11th November.
rs Radka Vašíčková: In November.
Mrs Kateřina Ulbrychová: In November.

Do you know, what is the symbol of Remembrance Day?
Mr David Bogdanovič: The poppy.
Mr Filip Petr: The poppy.
Mrs Marcela Tučková: The poppy.
Mrs Radka Vašíčková: The poppy.
Mrs Kateřina Ulbrychová: The poppy.

Do you commemorate Poppy Day somehow?
Mr David Bogdanovič: Yes, I do. If I had an opportunity to buy the poppy, I would do that. Unfortunately, I hadn’t any this year.
Mr Filip Petr: No, I don’t.
Mrs Marcela Tučková: I wear the poppy during Remembrance Day.
Mrs Radka Vašíčková: No, I don’t.
Mrs Kateřina Ulbrychová: I would wear the poppy if I lived in Great Britain. I lack an opportunity to buy this symbol in the Czech Republic.

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