Mrs. Dostálová and some of the cooks

How do students treat you?

It depends, but most of them are nice to us, we can’t complain.

Do you like doing this job?

    It’s hard, it’s hard. Very hard job from the morning to the afternoon.

When does your work time start?

At 5:30 a.m. And sometimes when we have “buchtičky”, we start earlier, at about 4-5 a.m. That’s why we sometimes shout at you: “Come and make the dumplings by yourself”, because we have been here from 5 a.m. and so many students come here, so we make 1200 meals a day. Four schools eat here.

How much meat do you use a day?

60 kilograms of meat for one meal (one of three available), for one day. 120kgs, when there are two meat meals. Just one funny story… We were asked how much meat we use from regional suppliers and how much from abroad. So I called my colleague and asked him if we get some of the meat from regional suppliers. And he said: “Are you joking? Dašák would take down the whole cowshed in just one week.

How many supplies do you store? How often do you get them?

We get them every day. For example, we get vegetables every day, as well as meat. We store only dry things, such as flour or legumes.

Do you have anyone who helps you bring the food up here when you get it?

No. We have to do it ourselves. So for example, two or three palettes come here and we have to bring it up here, and it’s about 700-800 kilograms.

Tell us about organizing work. When you come to work in the morning, do you divide the tasks among the other cooks? 

No, it is divided by the windows they operate. Every cook works at the same window every day so the tasks are already divided. In the morning, I give the cooks everything they need and then I just check if the meals are good.

How much are you limited by the government or regulations?

We have to respect the rules. You are always angry about 3 legume meals on one day, but we have to make them because of the regulations.

So the rules don’t say that students have to have an option to choose one legume meal, but you have to make sure everybody gets one legume meal a week?

  Yes, exactly. We have to make you eat it.

Does the number of canceled meals increase in the case of the legume meal day?

  Yes, we have 100 canceled meals more on legume meal days.

How much does the equipment of the kitchen cost?

Don’t even ask. That’s a lot of stuff. All together it has cost about 12 million Czech crowns.

We noticed that we used to get some chocolate or sweets, but nowadays we don’t. Could you explain why?

Yes, in the past when I saved some money, I bought sweets for you at Christmas or something like that, but the headmaster doesn’t want us to buy you sweets anymore. He thinks that you already have enough chocolates, etc. On the other hand, we buy more fruit and make more salads with money saved.

 So you are limited by the principal as well? 

   He is not really limiting us, the only request was about sweets.

Are you limited by the “Pamlsková vyhláška”?

No, it affects only buffets.

If you could change one thing at the canteen, what would it be?

Definitely the number of cooks, there are only 12 of us here and that is not enough.

And you can ask for some subsidy or money support, right?

The principal can do that. I can only come to him and he decides if we have enough money or not.

And he can ask the region?

Yes, he can ask the region or the Pardubice governor. 

That will be all. Thank you very much.

    You are welcome, boys.

We would like to say “big thanks” to all the cooks for their willingness and for having us even though they are very busy and their work is very hard. THANK YOU for doing this job.

Autoři: Matěj Rychnovský, Matouš Sákra, Jakub Zeman
Učitelka: Jana Bílková

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