On the 3rd of October 2019, class 6. A went on a field trip to Prague castle. 

Early in the morning, we met with teachers, Mr. Nagy and Mrs. Höbeltová, at the main railway station. After an hour spent on the train, we arrived in Prague and caught the underground. At Hradčanská station, we had some free time. A lot of us went to a café to have a late breakfast. After, we reunited at the station and met our guide. From the first moment, we admired the guide’s English and pronunciation. And the tour could start!

Our first destination was the Royal Garden. After we took a walk there, we headed for the Cathedral of Saint Vitus. Even though we were caught in a storm, we patiently waited until we could get inside and see the wonderful interior with our own eyes. Our next stop was the Old Royal Palace. There was a large hall inside the palace – Vladislav Hall – and we found out it used to host special events like meetings with the King or knightly tournaments. We continued our trip by visiting the St. George’s Basilica. As we were slowly getting closer towards our final destination, the Tower of Daliborka, we walked through the Golden Lane. At the end, the guide briefly introduced us to medieval torture techniques.

We enjoyed our trip to Prague. Some of us hadn’t seen Prague castle from the inside, so it was an interesting experience. Our guide seemed to be very good in English. We liked his pronunciation. Even though the weather wasn’t very good, we didn’t let it ruin our interesting visit. 

Did you know…

  • … the Belvedere was built by the Habsburgs because they didn’t like the residence in Prague Castle?
  • … the sgraffito at the Ball Game Hall in the Royal Garden was restored during the previous regime, and this is reflected in the conspicuous depiction of communist symbols?
  • … the stairs leading into the Vladislav Hall are low and long due to medieval knight tournaments that used to take place there?
  • … the Vladislav wing was built as a residential area for Vladislaus II of Hungary, but before it was completed, the Habsburgs came to power and turned it into offices for practical reasons?
  • … Saint Ludmila is buried in St. George’s Basilica?
  • … Franz Kafka, the famous novelist, lived in the Golden Lane in the early 20th century?
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