In the first weekend of November, 8 students took part in the Regional selection conference of EYP Tábor 2019. Now let me tell you how sessions like this one work.

First, when you arrive, you must register and get the keys to your accommodation – that was the house of youth. You also get lunch.

About half past twelve, the team building starts. All officials introduce themselves and prepare some activities to energize people – how they say the energizers – that everyone plays, usually “repeat after me songs”, such as Yo my name is Joe and Jellyfish. And for the rest of the afternoon you have teambuilding in your committees. In the evening there’s an opening ceremony, where people from the headquarters of the EYP Czech Republic talk about the history and the work of their organisation. Eurovillage follows in the programme, each school presents a countries’ cuisine. 

On Saturday there is usually a committee breakfast in the classes before the committee work. In the morning you are trying to write down all the summarized problems concerning your topic. By midday, there is lunch in the school canteen. After lunch, you are trying to find realistic solutions on each of the problems, which you came up with in the morning. Before dinner there is a panel debate, where usually three guests talk about serious topics – this time it was a very actual topic of climate change. After that, a farewell party follows. Most people are waiting there for the resolutions until the midnight. When everyone gets the resolution booklets, they start to prepare their speeches and questions.

On Sunday morning, the General Assembly starts. There is an exact order of committees and procedure of activities.

General Assembly

  1. Reading over the resolution of a particular committee
  2. The defence speech – a committee is presenting their resolution in an understandable speech
  3. Two position speeches
  4. A response to the position speeches
  5. Three or four rounds of an open debate (questions) and answers on these questions after each round
  6. Answering last round of open debate and delivering of the summation speech
  7. Voting

Always when I go to EYP I am pretty nervous of meeting strangers that I will be working with for the next few days. Eventually I find out what are they like. I enjoy working with new people in unknown environments and getting new experience. On each of these conferences I made good friends. I also improved my English and communication skills.

EYP cannot be described, it must be experienced.

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