TOP 5 school influencers: 

Mrs. Jánská
life saver –  

the only person who can get you out of an elevator in case you’re stuck in there and is the new canteen sheriff

Mrs. Doležalová
– the menu maker – 

the woman behind the master plan of how many peas are you supposed to eat in a week (a lot)

Mr. Špička
– the gym guard – 

the mighty man who guards the gates to the greatest hall aka the school gym, protecting its tender floors with his pinheads always ready

Matěj ‘Riki Rikouš’ Rychnovský
the school president

the one and only hero who leads our school on the path of struggle and sleep deprivation towards better tomorrows
decides the fate of our school (like what color should the hamak in our school garden be)

Mrs. Broňa Michálková
the school’s sunshine

the legendary woman whose superpower is brightening your day just by a simple ‘Dobrý den!’

TOP 5 urban stories:

Marine teacher’s room

As the legend says one of the PE teachers was a pirate in the past life and that’s why his teacher’s office carries marine atmosphere with ocean blue waves along the walls, a treasure chest and a huge barrel with deepest secrets inside

Pavilion spa

There are stories circling around the school that instead of today’s music pavilion, there was indeed a spa with a beautiful sauna and a cool hot tub. Our sources also say that one of the students almost drowned once in there.

Library ghost

We’ve heard of rumors about a girl who was on a nice Friday afternoon locked inside the library. You would think, she died of lack of food and water for the whole weekend, however, the truth is different. She died of boredom, while rereading The Lord Of The Rings trilogy over and over. Since then everyone who wants to leave the school library hears the ghost’s screaming “You shall not pass!”

School haunted ventilation system 

If you dare to come inside our school late at night, you may hear strange noises all around you, you may feel like you are being watched and for just a moment you may feel like your end is near. 

This very strange screeching and whispering surrounds you and you can’t tell where its coming from. Because it’s everywhere. It’s coming from the walls. It’s all around. There are mythical creatures inside our school’s ventilation system,living in the shafts,trying to get under your skin and discover your deepest secrets.

Carl, the skeleton

As many of you probably know, in our one of our Biology classrooms, there is a skeleton. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? It’s a Biology classroom after all… Well, that would be true if said skeleton wasn’t Carl. The thing is – Carl used to be a museum guard, so naturally he is accustomed to doing lots of walking around and looking for potential robbers, thieves or burglars.He loved his job so much that being dead doesn’t stop him from protecting his new home. So if you happen to run into him, when he’s doing his regular circuit, don’t be alarmed. Just wish him a good day and go on with your business. He doesn’t mean any harm, he’s simply doing his job…

Autoři: Míša Podmellová, Martina Tykvanová, Kristýna Krejčí, Magda Krejčí
Učitel: Jana Bílková

Categories: English

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Jan Tichý · 24. 02. 2020 at 11:31

The heroes we need, but not the ones we deserve.

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